Enrico Vianello

Enrico Vianello


I'm an IT Director & Technology Expert


20 Years experience
in the tech world.

With over 18 years of experience in IT/IS leadership and consulting, I am an accomplished IT Director with a passion for driving digital transformation on a global scale. With a proven track record of aligning IT strategies with overarching business objectives, I bring extensive experience in leading cross-functional teams, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation.


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  • Digital Transformation

    Lead and prepare companies to fundamentally change and improve the way businesses operate, deliver value to customers, and compete in the market. It goes beyond the adoption of individual technologies and encompasses a strategic, organization-wide shift toward embracing digital tools and methodologies.

  • CyberSecurity

    Provide full survey and CyberSecurity expertise

  • Processes and Standardisation

    Provide services such as audit, business preparation to reach certification such as CTPAT, ISO270XX, NIST etc.



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European IT/IS Director

T/IS Director for Europe is a high-level executive responsible for overseeing the information technology and information systems operations and strategies within a company or organization's European division. This role involves leading and managing a team of IT professionals, developing and implementing IT policies and strategies, ensuring the efficient and secure operation of IT systems, and aligning IT initiatives with the broader business goals of the organization.



IT Services and Consulting

SACO Technologies2021-2023

Director of Imformation Technologies

Responsible for all IT Projects, IT Operations, IT Security, IT Procurement and IT Solution. IT Architecture and Deployment of IT-IS in both productions lines of the LED equipment for the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. Build IT team and IT support across multiple region and sites globally.

Immersion Technologies2020-2021

Director of Imformation Technologies

Responsible for all IT Projects, IT Operations, IT Security, IT Procurement and IT Solution Reduce IT operational cost and increase IT standards. Since June 2020: Reduction by 33% of IT Department recurrent cost.


Skills I have collected
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Consulting & IT Digitalisation

15+ Years


10+ Years

Team Building and IT Management

15+ Years


Companies Fields

R&D and Technological Manufacturing Environments

R&D and Green Energy

R&D and LED Architectural Design

R&D and Future Technologies

Tech and Advanced Manufacturing


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